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How to Earn Money On Fiverr

September 19, 2018

You’ve probably already heard about Fiverr and familiar how it works and perhaps don’t know how to get started.  Or you haven’t heard of Fiverr and wondering what it is and how you can use it to make money.

In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • What is Fiverr
  • How it Works
  • How you can use to Make Money

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online platform where users sell their products and services at $5.  Now $5 may not sound like much, but there are some users who are making thousands of dollars on Fiverr.

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What Types of Products or Services can you Sell on Fiverr?

Depending on your talent and or passion, you can sell any of the following products and services on Fiverr:

earn money online

Graphics & Design – logo design, flyers & brochures, packaging design, illustration, book & album covers, business cards & stationery, web & mobile design, presentation design, infographics, cartoons & caricatures, 3D & 2D models, T-shirts &merchandise, photoshop editing, banner ads, social media design, vector tracing, invitations…


Digital Marketing – SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, web analytics, local listings, domain research, marketing strategy, influencer marketing, web traffic, mobile advertising…


Writing & Translation – articles & blog posts, business copywriting, resumes and cover letters, research, creative writing, proofreading & editing, press releases, transcription…


Video & Animation – whiteboard & animated explainers, promotional videos, animated characters, editing & post production, intros & animated logos, …


Music & Audio – voice over, missing & mastering, producers & composers, singer-songwriters, sound effects, …


Programming & Tech–WordPress, web programming, ecommerce, mobile apps & web, website builders & CMS, desktop applications, data analysis & reports, covert files, support & IT, …


Business – virtual assistant, branding services, market research, business plans, business tips, flyer distribution, presentations, financial consulting, …


Fun & Lifestyle – online lessons, arts & crafts, relationship advice, health, nutrition & fitness, …


How Fiverr Works?

make money online

Getting setup with Fiverr and start making money is simple.

Does it Cost to Sign up?

Signing up with Fiverr is FREE


Step 1:  Create Your Profile

So, first thing you need to do is join Fiverr.  Create your seller profile. Be creative and put some time when creating your profile – your profile is how you’re presenting yourself to the community or buyers.  Be professional and specific.

Your seller profile consists of:

Personal Info – your introduction, languages you speak, your photo…

Professional Info – your skills, education, availability and specialized certifications, awards you have, …

Online Presence – social networking accounts that you can link to your Fiverr account like LinkedIn, Facebook Page, …


Step 2:  Create Your First Gig

Now if you’re wondering what a gig is, you not the only one.  I had the same question when I first heard about Fiverr.

Gig is the service that you sell on Fiverr. When buyers visit Fiverr, they look for gigs that match the service type that they’re looking for.

It’s important to provide the details relating to the service or product that you’re selling.

There are lots of sellers on Fiverr, so lots of competition.  Therefore, be detailed when creating your gig.


Make sure your gig has:

A short, clear and to the point title.

Service type that you’re interested in offering to your clients/buyers.

A brief title for the service you’re offering in the Name your package.

Include a detailed description of your offering.

Availability and pricing details.

If you are selling a product, how are you going to ship it and what would you charge.

Be proactive and provide answers to most common questions related to the type of service you offer using the Frequently Asked Questions.

Ask your buyers or client for the information you need to provide that specific service. For example, for a logo design, you need the business/company name, the colors that client is interested in, the theme, etc. This information will go under Requirements.

Share samples of your work. Share attractive photos. Here’s Gig Images: Do’s and Don’ts


Step 3: Publish Your Gig

Review your gig, making sure you have all the details that you need your buyer or client to know.  If all looks good, click Publish Gig. Now your gig is active!

Note: You can always go back and edit your gig.

If you’re not sure about your gig, read this article before creating one.


How Does Fiverr Make Money?

Buyers who purchase your Gig pay Fiverr in advance.  When you complete and deliver an order successfully to your buyer, you’ll receive 80% of the total order value.  So, the other 20% goes to Fiverr.



Making money on Fiverr is possible with so many types of services to offer.  Due to competition and sellers with good portfolio and feedback, it can get a bit challenging for new sellers.  


But with a complete profile, detailed gig, attractive samples or photos of your work, you shouldn’t have a problem making sales.

Promoting your service or product is very important.  Make best use of your social media channels and share your services with your followers.  Post discounts, coupons or any special offers and keep your existing clients engaged through emails.



DISCLOSURE: Many of the links in the article above, and throughout this site, are affiliate links. While there’s no additional cost to you, any purchases made via those links may earn me a commission.

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