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Fall Wedding Dessert Bars

October 11, 2018

Dessert bars are becoming wildly popular for couples and becoming a favorite for the guests.  A dessert bar is open to guests of all ages and it’s a fun and stylish way to provide them with treats!

I love fall weddings especially with the seasonal treats and drinks. Sipping spiced cider and enjoying the seasonal treats like candlelit donut bars makes you feel so special and cozy.

It’s amazing how couples are coming up with some outstanding ideas for their fall dessert bars. I love the way they use the seasonal colors, the décor materials, the seasonal treats like pies and tarts, caramel apples!

From DIY s’mores stations to caramel apples, all are perfect addition to a fall wedding.  There are plenty of ways to incorporate these fun fall themed treats into your big day.

Here are few ideas to help you design your fall wedding dessert bars!




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