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Grab Your FREE Christmas Planner

November 16, 2018

We all have so many plans for the Christmas.  From delicious cookie baking to decorating gingerbread houses, elegantly wrapped gifts, glamorously decorated Christmas trees – we have so many fun activities planned.

However, all these can end up creating lot of tasks for us.  We don’t want to feel overwhelmed, we want to enjoy our holidays with the rest of the family.  We want to have a good time, laugh and share good stories with everyone.

And the best way to make sure we have everything taken care of without feeling overwhelmed is to plan the activities.  Planning will help you take care of things you need to ahead of time so there’s no last minute running to the store, cooking, or wrapping.

Therefore, I’ve put together a FREE Christmas Planner for you, hoping you’ll find it helpful.

Please send me feedback and  let me know if you would like more FREE printables like this.

Happy Holidays Everyone!



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