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Grow Your Blog By Doing These 5 Things Weekly

I’ve been blogging for a while but I only got serious about it few months ago. I’ve learnt a lot since I started blogging.  In the beginning my blog wasn’t making any money, had hardly any traffic, didn’t have time to post…so I lost interest.

I realize I was posting articles that really wasn’t very helpful to my readers. Questions that I had to ask myself was – am I sharing my knowledge with others, is it being useful for them?

I had to come up with a better strategy to make my blog more useful for my audience.  I was already doing lot of research when putting my post together so that wasn’t an issue.  The issue was how I was relaying that knowledge to my audience.

We’ll talk more about that later but for now let’s look at what things you can do weekly to grow your blog!

Doing these things on a weekly basis will help your blog get more popular – it will help drive more traffic to your blog.  Remember, the key is being patience.  You will see the results.

5 Weekly Tasks to Grow Your Blog

Plan Your Post

Very crucial for the success of your blog.  Having a plan in place for your post will make your life so much easier.  You won’t give up like I did.  I had no plans for my post.  I did not schedule or set aside time for writing, hence, I was falling back on posting new content on a regular basis.

By setting aside few hours a week to work on your content, will help you keep your blog up-to-date.  Your blog will have fresh content which is what readers like.  You will be able to engage new readers which is the main goal here.

If there are lot for you do like creating images, updating plugins, responding to emails, which is keeping you from writing, you can outsource these tasks to Virtual Assistants. The best way to find Virtual Assistant is using Fiverr.

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Engage Your Subscribers

Building your email list is an art.  If done right, you will be able to get their attention and keep them engaged.

Be consistent with your newsletters.  If your plan is to send them once a week on Monday, then do so.  Many of your subscribers are expecting them and when it arrives on a different day, they are not so happy. 

Include useful information in your newsletter.  This is quite challenging at times – when coming up with things that you want to share with your subscribers that will be interesting to them.  Brainstorm the ideas.  What is it that will grab your reader’s attention. 

Another way to engage your subscribers is to respond to their emails, feedback or comments and keep the conversation going. 


Schedule Social Media Posts

Social Media is the best way to share the content of your blog and help it grow.  Yes, it can be quite too much…sharing, posting, pinning, but you will see positive results.

Again, set aside some time each week to work on your Social Media, otherwise, you can end up losing your followers.  They like to see new stuff when they visit your Facebook page, Pinterest pin board, Instagram, etc.

If you’re looking for a scheduling tool for your Instagram and Pinterest, then try Tailwind.  The good thing about using Tailwind is that you get to try it for FREE – 30 days which comes with all PLUS features plus it does not require your credit card. Just register and start using it.

Research shows that more and more people are using social media not just for social networking but also to find new products, blogs, resources, and so forth. 

Having your blog or business on social media is important and that is why you need a social media strategy to plan how you want your social media to function for you. 

Our Social Media Planner includes everything you need to setup and grow your social media channels.  Get yours today!


Set Weekly Goals

Goals are roadmaps that get us closer to success.  Without knowing, what your goals are, what tasks you need to get completed that week, what content you want to share with your audience, you can end up feeling frustrated and unorganized.

Goals help you stay committed.  Goals help you stay on top of things.  Goals will help you take on tasks that are important.

You also need to set your finance goals in order to track your expenses and income.  Is it meeting your goals.


Join Pinterest Group Boards

What is a Pinterest Group Board A group board is just like a regular board that you have created.  The owner of the board invites collaborators to pin on their board.

When choosing to join a group boards, check if it fits your niche.  Make sure the group board is active and others are pinning too. Also check for repins you’re getting on your own pins, in your Tailwind stats. The good group board will also have a decent number of followers.

How to find group boards?

Visit other pinner’s profiles in your niche and check the group boards that they are pinning to.

Group Boards are indicated by 3 faces in the circle, instead of 1. 

By applying these 5 strategies, you will not only help your blog grow but help your overall business grow! It’s about doing things that are important for your blog’s success and doing them consistently.

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