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How Successful Women Spend Their First Hour at Work

February 19, 2018

How your workday goes depends on how you start it. Therefore, how we start our workday is important to make it a successful one.  Using the time wisely and doing what contributes to a more accomplishing day is in our hands.  Whether we can get to work, and get ourselves settled in or we can get to work, spend 30 to 40 minutes gossiping in the breakroom with a coworker is our own choice.

Mornings can be quite overwhelming especially if you have children. Get them ready, prepare breakfast, drive them to school or day care.  So when you get to work, what can you do to make sure you are not overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do or feel tired and exhausted. There are many easy ways to do that.  Here are few of them.

greet_your_coworkersGreet your coworkers.  Greeting and smiling to your coworkers helps you stay positive.  It will help you stay connected with them through positive communication. It will enhance your relationship with your coworkers.Helps you start your day fresh and lively.  Helps you find yourself surrounded with people who you like to work with.

Prioritize.  Take a look at your things-to-list.  Aim to accomplish or handle tasks that are most important first.  Read and respond to important emails first. Then move on to the next level of tasks.  Check your calendar to know what’s ahead.  Meeting and deadlines can cause stress, so making sure you are prepared will help you feel relaxed.

Avoid distractions.  Engaging in resolving conflict as soon as you get to work is not a great idea.  It can disorganize your day, you will fall behind on your important tasks, deadlines, meeting agendas and so forth.  Ask your co-worker or boss, if you can talk about the issue later during the day. 

Write it down.  If there are important things mentioned by your boss or in an email and that requires some thought, write it down. This will help you be better prepared for discussions later.

Avoid holding meetings.Hold meetings later during the day. Instead use your energy to focus on important tasks, and projects when your energy level is high in the morning.

Take a break.
Take a break.

Relax.  Start your day with good thoughts and calm mind.  Stressing and rushing to get your work done can cause errors and you can end up redoing the work. 

Keep it Tidy.  Maintaining a tidy work area will help you accomplish more.  You will be more organized which means you will be able to get to things more conveniently and complete your tasks more efficiently. Tidy workspace also creates a serene ambiance.

So here are few ways you can start first hour of your work to make the day more successful. Everyone has a different way of starting their workday.  If it helps you achieve what you’ve planned to accomplish that day, go for it.

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