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How To Achieve Your Blog Goals This Year

January 1, 2019

Achieving blog goals is not as difficult as it seems. The issue is, many bloggers start the year with big plans, but don’t make any attempt to execute those plans.

If you truly want to achieve your blog goals, here are dew things you need to do:

  1. First, make realistic goals.
  2. Avoid people who have negative thoughts.
  3. Don’t compare your goals with other bloggers. You know which goals are best for your blog.
  4. Put some thoughts when making your goals.

Here are few tips on how to achieve your blog goals.


Start Small

Don’t start off with setting too many goals at once. 

If you try to accomplish many blog writing goals at the same time, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed.

Prioritize your goals and work on the most important first.  Break it down into smaller goals if needed.

Complete one goal and then move on to the next, then next, then next…

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Be Specific

Simply, the more you know your goals, the higher the chance of achieving them.

Being specific about your goals will set clear expectations for you.

For example; if your goal is to post more on social media then clarify it by saying “post twice a week on social media channels”. Including details like quantity, frequency, media type, deadlines, will help you understand your goal better.

Complicated or vague goals lead to confusion and frustration which causes many bloggers to fail.


Don’t be afraid of Change

achieve your blog goals by setting small tasks

There will be times when you might need to adjust your blog goals or adjust your writing techniques to achieve your goals.

You might need to reprioritize or create new one. If you have to, take a closer look at your goals.  See if there are things you can move around and if there is something new you need to do.

Once you have it all reprioritized, set the expectations and execute the tasks.

What happens is that when something goes wrong or changes, many bloggers don’t want to deal with it.  They lose that dedication and interest.

To succeed in blogging world, you need to be open-minded and accept changes and turn them into opportunities.

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Engage with People Who Think Like You

Support from other bloggers you trust and depend on for opinions contributes to the success of your blog.

A right crowd can increase your interest, your passion and motivation to thrive!

Look for bloggers or partners who are on the same path  as you. These are the people who will support your goals and vision.


Keep Writing

keep writing your content to meet your goals

In the beginning, it’s very likely that you will not have many readers.  Don’t let that discourage you and stop you from writing.

You have to write and build a following.  Readers will come to your blog if you have fresh information for them.

Many of us wait for the results until we are motivated.  The longer it takes to see those results the easier it gets to get discouraged.

Believe in your dreams and build your own momentum.  Have courage and faith and keep writing as you had planned.

Instead of posting once a week, post twice a week.  Grow your content and use strategies that compliments your blog goals.

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blog planner for achieving your blog goalsPlan and Plan More


Planning is critical if you want to be a successful blogger.

In fact, the whole process starts with a plan.  You’ve probably already realized that blogging is not only a day in and day out writing effort.

You need to have a content plan.  Your plan needs to include market research, who is your target audience.  Meaning who are you writing the blog posts for.

A plan also includes a competitive review, meaning providing you with an insight into how other bloggers in your niche are making their blog successful and how you’re planning to compete with them.

It also includes your keyword research, your content theme, or the main idea and supporting ideas.  A plan includes the publishing details, like the day and time you planning to publish your blog post.

And most important, how are you planning to promote your blog content.  Is it going to be through social media channels, email marketing, or ads.

All these might sound overwhelming, but a plan is the base for creating great content and running a successful blog.

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Track Your Goals

Keeping track of your blog goals, plus achievements is important.

This will allow you to examine if the tasks that you’re doing is getting you close to your goal.  Are you progressing towards your goals and will be able to meet the timeline?

It will also give you an opportunity to see if things are working as you expected.  

The best part I like about tracking goals is looking at completed tasks. I feel proud which encourages me to keep working on my goals.

If possible share your goals with your friends and family.  It is quite motivating when others look at what you’ve achieved.

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how to achieve your blog goals


Achieving blog goals is not difficult if you know exactly what your goals are.  Setting realistic goals and breaking them into smaller goals will help you accomplish more. Engage with people who support your goals and most important don’t be afraid of change. 

Changes are inevitable, therefore, accepting them as opportunities is the best way to deal with them.  Keep writing great content for your audience which why they visit your blog.  Continue planning and track your goals to know where you stand.  

These are simple yet critical things to help you meet your blog goals.  


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