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How to Be in the Moment

March 28, 2016



If you have been in a similar situation then you’d probably have noticed that you miss out on things right there in that moment. You are so much concerned about the future that you pay little attention to what’s there for you at that moment.  Things you can enjoy, love you can share, communication that you can have.

Not just you but those around you could miss the opportunity of doing things with you, enjoying the moment with you or even having a quality communication with you.  This could make them feel frustrated too.

Get yourself to enjoy the moment.  Pay attention to what’s around you – share and express love, spend quality time with your loved ones and stay happy.  It’s true that you need to focus on your future but don’t let yourself get too deep that it can cause you your ability to enjoy the moment and be happy.

By being in the moment you will find yourself more grateful for things you have in your life.  There will be less complaining and comparing.  You will feel more satisfied and contended. 

You will also have the courage and power to share your feelings and concerns.  You will be able to take better actions and make better choices. Physically, mentally and emotionally you will be more alert. This alertness will let teach you that nothing else matters than the moment.

Worries about career, money, relationships, etc., don’t have to be so extreme that you forget to live your life.   Everyone is concerned about these things but living on worries is going to drain the excitement of achieving your goals out of you. You will lose track of your accomplishments.

It’s also a waste of energy and your valuable time.  Remember time does not wait for anyone.  If you don’t make the best of the time now you might regret later as to why you didn’t finish the project earlier nor did something that you could have done long time ago.  Make the best of the time and use it to focus on present.  Embrace the present and make it better.

Worries bring negative energy with them.  Stay positive and maintain an optimistic view on your present and future.  Think of things that can lead you to a successful life.  Use your positive energy to guide you through as you enjoy the moment. 

Another way to be in the moment is to be happy with yourself and your life.  Once you train yourself to be happy all the puzzle pieces will start falling in place.  You will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t push yourself to be perfect. 

The best way to deal with thoughts is to write them down.  Then go through the list and evaluate. What really matters to your life today?  What keeps you happy?  Are there things on the list that is really stressing you out?  How can you overcome or confront that thought?  Think of things that make you feel happy.  Things that help you be what you want to be and things that you see brighter side of life.  Be strong and focus on your current wellness, happiness and goals.  You can do it!

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