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How to Decorate Pumpkins with Lace

October 24, 2013

This beautiful lace decorated pumpkins can be used to decorate your house in so many ways.  You can place them by your front door, use as a table centerpiece, place them on the mantel, place them by the fireplace, even in your foyer.  These are very easy to create.  Here are the instructions.

To create these beautiful lace pumpkins, you would need a pumpkin, white and black acyriclic paint, black lace and hot glue.

Simply, paint the pumpkins as shown in the picture.  When the paint is dry, attach the lace using hot glue and that’s it.  You can place them anywhere you want.  These will really catch everyone’s attention.  This is a unique way to decorate your pumpkins.  If you cannot find black lace then spray paint white lace with black acylic paint. Have Fun!


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