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How to Start A WordPress Blog with BlueHost

April 26, 2018

In this post, you will learn how to create a blog on your own using WordPress.  Blogging is a great way to share your ideas and expertise online plus it’s an excellent platform for making money or promoting your products or services.  Creating a blog is much easier now than it was before.

So, the first step, click here to start a blog on WordPress, then follow the directions below.

Bluehost is highly recommended for hosting your website, especially if you are looking to start your blog using WordPress. 

There are many highly successful bloggers who have been able to make much more money than they thought they would. They are able to blog full-time working from home, travel and live their dream life.

I’m not one of them, but I have been able to make some money through blogging.  I remember, my first income was $50 – a check that I receive from Shareasale which is an affiliate marketing network.  Here’s a complete guide on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog, you can get yours started today.  It’s very easy.

The first question I had when I started my blog and probably you have too is Is blogging FREE?”

Yes, you can create a blog for free.

However, there are couple of things that needs to be paid for.

  • A Domain Name – which is your website’s address on the internet (example: twopinkcanaries.com). And you can get this for FREE with BlueHost.
  • Web Hosting – is where your website lives. Every website needs web hosting.

If you are serious about your blog, and your goal is to make money through your blog, you will need to spend a few dollars to give it a professional look and feel, and that is where you would need a domain name and web hosting.

Choosing Your Blogging Platform

One mistake many beginners make when starting a blog is choosing a wrong blogging platform. 

One that is very popular and stands out from the rest is WordPress. 

WordPress is FREE, very user friendly and easy to use. The reason it’s free is because you have to do the setup and host it yourself – meaning need a domain name and web hosting.  Don’t panic – it’s very easy.

Why WordPress?

  • It’s FREE (you will need a domain name and a web host – like BlueHost)
  • There are more than 5,000 free and paid WordPress themes available to make your design look professional
  • They have very helpful support forum
  • Offers more than 45,000 free plugins to help your blog run more smoothly

Using BlueHost for Domain Name and Web Hosting

Choosing your web host is an important piece of creating your blog. You want to work with a host that is available to assist when you have issues, need answers and are able to provide the support 24/7.

BlueHost offers web hosting starting at $3.95/month which is so affordable – cost less than Starbucks® – right? They also offer FREE Domain, they have one-click WordPress installation and officially recommended by WordPress since 2005.

Without further due, let’s get started.

  1. Sign up and purchase domain name and web hosting

Go to www.bluehost.com and click on the get started now green button.  This link is also for a FREE domain.



On the next screen select the hosting plan for your website.  There are 3 options: Basic, Plus and Prime.  (basic and plus are the most popular). The Basic plan is perfect for beginners plus it is the cheapest.



Once you have selected your plan, you will be asked to enter the domain name for your website.


If you haven’t decided on your domain name yet, you can choose the domain name later. You will get a pop-up like shown below and click on green button “Choose Free Domain Later”.


Then, you’ll need to add your account information.


Next section will have optional extras that you can purchase.  For the Account Plan for Basic, you can choose to sign up for 12, 24 or 36 months.  As a beginner, I suggest starting with 12 months and see how it all works out for you.

You don’t need to purchase other options if you don’t need it.  But couple that you may want to consider is Domain Privacy and Site Backup Pro.

Domain Privacy is purchased if you don’t want your domain registration information added to a public database.  If you purchase this option then BlueHost will appear as the registrant.

Site Backup Pro is purchased for data backup.  WordPress is quite secure so you may not really need this.



The final piece of registration is your payment information.


  1. Install WordPress

It will take only a few minutes to install WordPress using BlueHost one-click WordPress install feature.

Login to your Bluehost control panel at: my.bluehost.com.  Once logged in, you will be directed to your Control Panel.  Select “Install WordPress”.

On the next page, you can choose your blog destination URL.  Select your domain name and click “Check Domain” to start with the installation process.

Once WordPress is finished installing, you will see the Installation Complete with a green check mark.

Congratulations!  You got your WordPress site created!

Logging into your new BLOG

Write down your admin access username and password somewhere. Your WordPress login URL will look like:  http://yourblogname.com/wp-admin

Type your new web address (www. Yourblogname.com) to see how your WordPress blog looks like.

Let’s go back to your WordPress dashboard to customize your site’s appearance and start blogging.

Selecting a WordPress Theme

The appearance of WordPress blog is controlled by themes so when you first look at your blog, you may find it plain and boring.

The most fun and creative part is customizing the look and feel of your blog

To change your theme, click on Appearance and then Themes.

On top you will see Add New click on that.  Next, you will be able to search from 4100 free WordPress themes. You can search by sorting by Featured, Popular, Favorites, etc.

Once you have found a theme you are happy with, click on the Install button that appears on top of that theme. Wait for the theme to be installed.  The install button will be replaced with an activate button, click that to activate the theme.

You can customize your theme by clicking Customize link under the Appearance menu.

Creating and Publishing Your First Blog Post

Ready for your first blog post? Here we go!

Click on Posts Menu and select Add New (in your WordPress Dashboard).


An Editor Screen will show up.  Its very user friendly.

You will see a field called “Enter title here”.  This is the title of your blog. For example:  How to Create a Blog Using WordPress with Bluehost.

The field with big white space is where the content of your blog post will go. It has a tool bar on top which you can use to format your font, paragraph, add links and so on.

Add Media button is for adding images to your posts.

Once you’re done writing and happy with your post, go ahead and click on the Publish button on the right to publish your first blog post!

That’s it! 

Hope this tutorial was helpful.  I’d love to hear your comments.  Please do write to me and share.

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