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Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Kids And Have A Great Time

February 8, 2019

All work and no play is boring, not just for you but for your family as well, especially for kids.

We all know the importance of keeping our personal and professional life balanced.

A balanced lifestyle is where you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life and what you want to achieve moving forward.

The benefits of living a balanced lifestyle are:

— You will have a purpose and a passion to do certain things in life

— You will feel happier with what you are doing

— You will be able to spend more time with your family and loved ones

— You will have more time for yourself

— Your life will be more organized


One way I try to keep my professional and personal life balanced, is by making sure I spend quality time with my girls. 

There was a time, when I wasn’t spending enough time with my girls…I would be in my home office working on my blog/business for hours and my girls would be in their rooms…of course on electronics. 

This had to change.  It wasn’t healthy for either one of us, plus we needed to spend more time with each other and cherish the moment.

My girls and I decided to create a list of fun things we wanted to do together.

Now, this meant, I had to set a schedule for my business too.  To get everything balanced.

I had to create a blog planner.  This was already overdue, since I was falling behind on posting, sharing, emailing, not making any money…well you got the picture.

The blog planner that I created was a huge benefit for my blog. 

On the other hand, we had our Fun List!

Life seemed so much better!  I wasn’t feeling guilty anymore. 

My girls were always excited about the upcoming activities.  What we did was, we created a list of all the fun activities.  And we added/changed activities now and then to try new things, or things that are more age appropriate for the girls.  Seriously… kids grow so fast!

Along with the activities list, we also created a calendar.  The calendar helped us schedule the activities…. due to homework, appointments, projects, we wanted to make sure our fun activities were planned on the days that did not interrupt other important tasks. 

My fun activities list and calendar along with my blog planner, has helped me in many ways.  

Here’s 6 Ways to Make More Time for Your Kids

Working mothers are always on a go.  From getting up early morning, packing lunches to coming home preparing dinner and putting kids to bed, we do it all.

While taking care of all these, we sometimes forget to spend enough quality time with our kids.  According to experts, spending quality time with our children is extremely important which impacts their development and happiness.

Here are 6 ways to make more time for your kids:

Put a Limit

By this I mean limit kids’ activities.  After-school activities can be overwhelming, especially if it comes to over-scheduling.  Don’t force your child to enroll in activities that you like.  It should be their own choice.  Have them select one activity at a time.

This will give them more time to focus and do their best in that one activity rather than having multiple activities going on at the same time causing frustration and stress. Instead of having them engage in the second activity, use that time as a “family time”.


Make a Sacrifice 

You can’t just ask the kids to give up an activity.  You also need to do the same.  If you go to yoga classes or gym everyday then you need to skip couple days in a week to spend that quality time with your kids.

Schedule a quiet time with your kids, maybe read together or share what they learnt at school or how their day was.


Cut Down TV Time

Turn off the TV especially during meals.  Dinner time is the best time to talk to your kids and have some family time without any distractions. Plus keeping TV off, will give more time for the kids to complete their homework.


Switch off Cell Phones

While you are spending time with your kids, keep the phones out of reach or turn them off.  Remember, you are trying to spend a quality time with your kid.  Texting can wait, checking emails can wait.  This time is precious and it won’t come back so give your 100% to your kids.


Quick Meals 

Make meals that are quick and easy, so that you get more time to spend with your kids. There are so many recipe books giving some fabulous tips and ideas for creating meals in a snap.


Get Enough Sleep 

This is very important.  In order to spend quality time with your kids you need to get enough sleep and stay healthy.  You need the strength to provide the best for your kids every day.


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9 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Teen

As children get older it can become difficult to know what’s going on in their lives.  Sometimes it even gets harder to stay close to them.  Sometimes spending some quality time with teens may mean finding that perfect time for that.


And sometimes that perfect time to connect with teens takes forever to come.  Teens begin to drift apart from their parents and go do their own things, when they don’t get to spend quality time with their parents.


They find their own means to keep them entertained, like electronics and they spend most of their time in their rooms. It’s normal for teens to become independent, however, it’s also essential for parents to maintain a strong relationship with their teens.

Here are few ways to spend quality time with your teen.

Cut Down Electronics Time

Set limits on screen time to increase the amount of time the family spends time together. 

Arrange a Movie Night

Have a movie night at least once a week where you can all sit down as a family. Allow each member of the family to select a movie of their own choice.

Have a Breakfast Date

Go on a breakfast date with your teen and start the day with fun.  This would be spending quality time with your teen the first thing in the morning.


Go Shopping Together

Take your teen to go shopping together.  This is an opportunity to learn about their likes and dislikes.


Go For a Walk

Not only do you get health benefits from going for a walk but you also get to spend quality time with your teen. It’s a perfect bonding time.


Fix Dinner Together

Have your teen help you with fixing dinner.  Have him or her decide on the menu.  This also gives a chance to talk about nutrition and healthy eating.


Create Something

You’ll be surprised how creative children can be nowadays.  Have your teen find a DIY project and work on it together.  Laugh and talk while you are working on the project.


Go For a Drive

This can be excellent way to start up a conversation.  This also provides an opportunity for your teen to be comfortable and share their thoughts and feelings about certain things.


Redecorate the Bedroom Together

As children grow up their taste, likes and dislikes changes too.  Help your teen decorate his or her bedroom with the colors and styles they like and are comfortable with.  Have them decide on paint color and decor elements.  After all it’s his or her own space.



By spending quality time with your children, not only do you get a chance to learn more about them but your children also get an opportunity to connect with you and able to share their feelings, ideas, stories with you. They feel heard and special. Make every moment spent with your kids special and a top priority.


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