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New Year’s Resolution: Celebrate Life Every Day!

February 8, 2017

celebrate lifeYes, that is my resolution for this year. I want to celebrate my life every day. In the past few months I’ve learnt a lot from life and one of them is that life is too short. And that we need to make the best of it by celebrating it every day.

When there is a celebration at home, for example, kid’s birthday party, graduation party, anniversary party – did you realize how excited we get? Why can’t we be that excited every day? Why can’t we enjoy each day the same way we enjoy when there is a celebration?

Definitely we can and that is exactly what I’ve started doing this year. Of course, we are not going to have parties or gatherings every day but there are simple little things we can do to enjoy our day. Things that make you happy, things that puts a smile on your face.

So here are few ways we can celebrate our life every day. These are simple yet effective ways to enjoy your life!

  1. Grateful for being alive! Be thankful for the life that you have. Take a moment to think about all the good things that have happened in your life. Be grateful for the loved ones you have in your life. Cherish each day and live it positively.
  2. Start it off with a celebration! Kick start your day with a small celebration – it could be simple things like getting up early and reading favorite motivational or inspirational quotes to get yourself ready for the day. Or treat yourself to a nice healthy breakfast. The idea here is to do things that sets the right mood for the rest of the day.
  3. Life’s a party! Shine off by playing your favorite music, decorating your house with things that make you smile or happy. Bring in those beautiful flowers. You got so much to live for.
  4. Reward yourself! Sometimes in order to really get ourselves in celebration mood we need to spoil ourselves. So if you have been graving for that chocolate then go for it. Treat yourself to things that make you feel good.
  5. Maintain a positive and healthy attitude! A positive mindset will help you enjoy your day to the fullest and share your celebration with your loved ones. A healthy lifestyle will help you stay fit and celebrate more days to come.

So these are very easy ways to celebrate life. All your need is to find ways that make you feel happy and blessed. Again there are many other ways you can celebrate life so go with the ones that best suits your lifestyle!

Let’s celebrate!

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