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  • how to achieve your blog goals this year

    How To Achieve Your Blog Goals This Year

    Achieving blog goals is not as difficult as it seems. The issue is, many bloggers start the year with big plans, but don’t make any attempt to execute those plans. If you truly want to achieve your blog goals, here are dew things you need to do: First, make realistic goals. Avoid people who have…

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  • 51 Best Gift Ideas For Everyone (A Gift Guide)

    Gift shopping can be challenging especially if you don’t know what to buy.  We all want to give a gift that is thoughtful and cherished.  Gifts that are handcrafted, custom or personalized, vintage and unique are always well received. To help you with your gift shopping, here is a list of 51 holiday gift ideas…

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  • 9 Things Women Are Doing to Reach Their Dreams

    We all have dreams and many of us give up on our dreams too early. It could be related to our behavior or the way we try to reach our dreams. It’s true some dreams are not easy to reach but it’s not impossible. There are few things you can do like other successful women,…

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  • Grab Your FREE Christmas Planner

    We all have so many plans for the Christmas.  From delicious cookie baking to decorating gingerbread houses, elegantly wrapped gifts, glamorously decorated Christmas trees – we have so many fun activities planned. However, all these can end up creating lot of tasks for us.  We don’t want to feel overwhelmed, we want to enjoy our…

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  • How to Stay On A Budget During The Holidays

    This post is not about how to set your budget, how to keep track of your spending, and so forth, because you already know how important budget is when it comes to managing finance. Once you’ve got your budget in place for the holidays, now what?  How do you make sure that you stick to your…

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  • extra cash for holiday shopping

    How to Earn Extra Money for Holiday Shopping

    Been looking for ways to earn little extra cash for the holidays?  If you start now, you could earn that extra cash you need. Holiday season is the most festive, yet often stressful.  Not just because of gift shopping but also to fund holiday grocery shopping, or holiday traveling and necessities like increased utility bills…

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  • how to stay motivated

    Brilliant Ways to Remain Motivated When You Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything

    Isn’t it frustrating when you think you’ve tried everything to achieve something and you still feel like a failure. And we sit and wait for someone or some form of luck that would one day change failure into success.  The truth is, you, yourself need to seek out the opportunity or happiness. Failures are not…

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  • Fall Wedding Dessert Bars

    Dessert bars are becoming wildly popular for couples and becoming a favorite for the guests.  A dessert bar is open to guests of all ages and it’s a fun and stylish way to provide them with treats! I love fall weddings especially with the seasonal treats and drinks. Sipping spiced cider and enjoying the seasonal…

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  • 15 Motivational Quotes for Blogging

    I’m a huge fan of great quotes.  Quotes inspire or motivate me in many ways.  They help me execute my ideas or thoughts and help me come up with new or fresh ways of doing things. Quotes also remind me of my value system. Below are few great quotes that help me with my blogging.…

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  • growing your blog

    Can A Blog Planner Help Your Blog Grow

    When I first started blogging, I didn’t have any formal way of keeping track of the tasks, or projects that I was working on.  I simply had a little note book, where I’d jot down high-level points and work from that information.  There were times when it got overwhelming, since my notes were not very…

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