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Tips for Helping Your Teenager Make Responsible Choices

March 28, 2016

Teenage years can be quite confusing.  This is the life stage where your child confronts many difficult situations and has to make decisions that can be life-altering.  Few things that they have to make decide on include career options, going to college, dating, money, and so forth.  If you have a teen, probably you are thinking whether your teen is going to make the right choices.  There are so many options or choices in today’s world and it is very possible for teens to find themselves addled. 

Regardless of best upbringing teens can sometimes end up making decisions that they are not happy with.  Even we adults sometimes make decisions that we are not proud of.  We all are humans and humans make mistake.  So instead of being hard on your teens be easy on them and help them out with the entire process of making decisions. You have more experience in life than they do.  As a parent, you can help your teen make good decisions.  You can provide tips and ideas and really help to influence your teen in the right way.

Here are few ways you can support and guide your teen tomake good decisions about their future.

Respect your teen

According to experts, teens with high self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect are able to make better choices. Being disrespectful to your teen, doubting their abilities, ignoring their ideas, and not taking them seriously can weaken their self-esteem and self-confidence. By being respectful you allow your teen to share their personal opinions, you show faith in his or her ability to achieve those goals and above all you remain open and understanding whenever your teen needs to talk to you. 

Talk and learn about your teen

The best way to help your teen make good decisions is to talk to them.  Keep talking and ask them questions now and then.  Don’t ask them too many questions or else they’ll go silent and lose interest in talking. Keep the conversations going on with them on a daily basis.  The more you talk to them the more you’ll get to know what’s on their mind.  Listen to them when they are talking, encourage them to share ideas and show your interest. 

Show your support

Other than respecting and talking to your teen you also need to show your support. You need to show that you really care about the decisions that your teen makes.  Let him or her know that you really care about their future and wellbeing. Give your teen unconditional love and let him or her know how much they mean to you. Continuous support and encouragement will help to keep them confident in their own decision making.

Share your experiences

Share examples or experiences from your own life to help your teen make good decisions.  Use those experiences to encourage them to make right decisions and not bad ones.  Share moments where you were in the same situation, confused about what to do and how you were able to get out of that confusion.  Share your stories of success and motivate your teen that he or she can also be successful. Also share your mistakes and how you learned and improved from those mistakes and did better the next time. 

Teach problem solving skills

Life is not all peachy – there are good times and not so good times.  Help your teen understand that there will be times when he or she will be faced with situations where good decision making can be challenging.  As parent, guide your teen through the process of how to solve the problem and end up with a good decision. Instead of solving the issue for him or her, step back and help your teen identify the problem and brainstorm solutions.  Once your teen learns the techniques of solving problems he or she will be able to make better choices. 

Keep connected

Follow-up with your teen once he or she has made a decision.  Ask if he or she is happy with the decision.  If not then help your teen evaluate the outcomes and discuss what he or she might do differently the next time to avoid such case.  Remember there is no need to be judgmental. Provide positive feedback and congratulate your teen for taking on such an effortful decision. Work together with your teen and guide them through to find alternatives and improve their decisions.

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