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Top 7 Ways to Enjoy a Family Vacation

March 28, 2016

Children start looking towards to summer vacation as they get closer to end of school.  The excitement and enthusiasm in them brings out questions like “where are we going”, “what we’ll be doing”, “how long we’ll be there” and so forth.  The glow in their eyes shows how much they love vacations.

We try our best to help our kids and ourselves enjoy the vacation and make these vacations feel like a treasure for the entire family.  We want to feel relaxed and make it a golden experience.  When vacations go well, children tend to remember the sweet moments which shape up their memories.  Here are few ways to maximize the joy and fund during family vacations!


1.      Prepare your children

Provide your children with as much information as you can.  Give them details where you are going, what they can expect when they get there, where the entire family will be staying and what you all will be doing when you get to your destination.  Setting expectations and sharing plans with the children will help take care of many questions and confusions. Share photos of the place you are going so that it is easier for them to visualize the destination they are about to visit.

2.     Remind your children about their behavior

Discipline is still important even when on vacation and this is something that you need to remind the children. When children hear vacation the first thing that comes to their mind is that they can do this and do that and their imagination starts getting very creative.  Remind them about their good behavior and safety rules. 

3.     Be flexible

Vacations are supposed to be fun.  It is a time when we want to spend lots of enjoyable moments with our loved ones. If changes need to be made to make the entire experience better then go for it.  Be prepared to make last minutes changes and be spontaneous.  Have your family prepared for things like delayed flight, heavy traffic, long drive and so forth. Be prepared with back-up plans or put together ideas for how to make the long waiting time, or long drive more enjoyable. 

4.     Avoid complaining

Go with the flow.  Let your children be – if they want extra technology time, let them.  When they have good time you will be able to have good time.  When they are happy you will be happy.  You don’t want your children to whine and cause you to lose temper.  Just lighten up and let it be.  Enjoy it!

5.     Keep it simple and comfortable

You know what comforts you and your family.  Use a traveling style that you and your children are comfortable with.  If your children like to stay at resorts with every amenities then go for that.  But if your children prefer to stay outdoors like in tents then that should be the choice.  Remember this vacation is for and your family.  Everyone needs to be comfortable with the travel or vacation style that you are going to select.  Compromise and select the style that everyone is happy with.

6.     Plan it accordingly

Children tend to get tired very quickly.  Piling up multiple events in a day can be too much for them and too exhausting for them to enjoy.  Plan one event per day.  Coming back for afternoon naps will be very beneficial for the kids.  They will be well rested for the evening event like dinner, movies, shows, etc.  The kids will be less cranky and be able to have good time and at the same time you will be able to have good time as well.

7.      Time to unwind

Along with children you also need some quiet time for yourself to chill out.  After day’s events do something that you find soothing.  It could be reading your favorite books, magazines or watching movie.  Do something that creates a calming atmosphere for you and replenish your mood.

Family vacation is supposed to be a fun filled moment so enjoy every bit of it.

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