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9 Things Women Are Doing to Reach Their Dreams

December 2, 2018

We all have dreams and many of us give up on our dreams too early. It could be related to our behavior or the way we try to reach our dreams. It’s true some dreams are not easy to reach but it’s not impossible. There are few things you can do like other successful women, to reach your dreams. Dreams are special don’t let go off them so easily.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Here are few things that successful women are doing to reach their dreams.

They know their dreams and believe in them

You have a dream but how much do you know about your dream.  Have you got it written down in your journal or notebook?  Do you have all the details about your dream?  What is that you want to achieve? And do you believe in your dream?  How much faith do you have in your dream?

It not just about dreaming but knowing the details of your dream and believing in it.  It would be difficult to reach your dreams if you don’t know what exactly it is that you’re trying to accomplish. Plus, you have to trust your dream.

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They set goals and follow them

The first step to fully understand what your dream is and how you going to accomplish your dream is to set your goals.  By setting goals, you’re simply creating a roadmap for yourself.  You’ll know what is that you need to do to reach your dreams.  Setting goals will help guide you through and keep you motivated as you accomplish each step. 

Executing the steps and keeping track of your goals is very important.  Tracking your goals will help you maintain the pace and motivate you to stay on top of your tasks and priorities.

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They are ready to go the extra mile

It’s all about determination. If you really believe in your dreams and you really want to reach your dreams you will not hesitate to put in extra effort. You will make the best of the opportunities and growth options offered to you.


“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” — Oprah Winfrey

You will embrace the changes, take on extra responsibilities and excel at acquiring new skills if needed.  You will be willing to do more.

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They focus on the right people

Surrounding yourself with the right people is critical to reach your dreams.  The people you interact will impacts your ability to focus on your goals.

The quality of people you invite in your life or form relationships with are ones who are highly skilled, caring, compassionate, encouraging and supportive. You want people who can help you keep believing in your dreams and stay committed.

You need people with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas with. People who can provide you with true and positive feedback and lift you up in case you get disheartened and get off the track.  

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They are self-confident

It takes courage to reach your dreams.  It takes confidence to believe and pursue your dreams. Self-confident is having faith in yourself, in your capabilities. If you have that confidence that you can do what it takes to reach your goals, you can do it.


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

With self-confidence you can accept changes as opportunities and turn those opportunities into success. Self-confidence will help you choose the path that leads to your goals.  You will be able to accept the challenges and get ahead in life.

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They track their progress

Just like any project to be successful, you need to have a progress report to see which tasks have been completed, which are in-progress and so forth.  Similarly, you need to track your progress and see how you’re doing.

Are you following the road-map you created, is there any changes you need to make, or are you keeping up the pace? This will also identify anything that needs improving or needs extra work to get ahead.

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They are not afraid of failures

Successful women are not afraid of failures.  If you truly want to be successful and reach your dreams, consider failures as a learning opportunity. Failures will help you understand what you did wrong and how to get it corrected or what changes are necessary to not repeat the same mistake.

If you come across obstacles, do not lose hope or quit trying.  It’s important to keep going and keep getting back up. Life is all about learning and failures allow you to do that, so you can thrive!

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They have patience

Many times, focusing on all that needs to be can feel overwhelming and cause you to give up even before you start. Therefore, it’s important to set goals and divide them into short-term and long-term goals.

Focusing and completing small steps will move you closer to your vision and allow you to achieve more.  Overall you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you complete those little steps. Taking one step at a time will keep you inspired to be better and keep going.

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They don’t care what others think

It’s your dream and your life.  So why you worry about what others think. Do you really need other people’s approval to reach your dreams?  Relying on what other people think will set you up for disappointments, since you will be doing what makes them happy and not you.  You will forget about what matters most to you.

First, you can’t please everyone so quit doing that and express yourself fully.  So free yourself, decide what matters to you most and act accordingly.

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Achieving your dreams take courage and faith.   Set your goals, don’t be afraid to put in extra effort, surround yourself with right people and focus on your goals.

Track your progress and make changes as needed. Accept failures as learning opportunity and keep improving till you succeed.

Using these strategies will help reach your dreams!


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