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Traveling to the South Pacific for Vacation

7August, 2017

south pacific vacationHave you been thinking of spending your next vacation in the South Pacific?  Enjoy and experience the rich history, unique cultures and stunning physical beauty?  The beauty of the South Pacific Islands and countries will leave you amazed with its beauty.  More

Starting an Online Business with Shopify

2August, 2017

How to start online business with shopifyHave you been thinking about taking your business online but unsure where or how to start?  If so, in this article we will talk about one of the easiest ecommerce tool Shopify which can help you start your online business or just bring an existing business to the online world. More

How Can I Protect My Kids from the Sun?

Posted in KIDS & FAMILY
2August, 2017

how to protect kids from the sun2Kids need protection from the sun whenever they’re outdoors. Per CDC, just a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later in life. Here are few ways you can ensure your kid’s skin is protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays:


Is Clay Safe for My Skin and What Exactly Does It Do

15June, 2017

kaolin clay bentonite clay pink clay white clayRecently, I had one my friends ask me if clay was safe for her skin and what exactly does it do.  Well, I had this same question when I first bought my clay mask. And just like many of you I also make sure what I’m about to buy is going to help my skin look better and not cause any type of irritations.  We all want beautiful skin – right! More

Use the Right Products to Make your Makeup Last All Day

15June, 2017

Use the Right Products to Make your Makeup Last All DayYou’ll come across many articles talking about making your makeup last longer and will list out the products.  One thing to ask yourself before purchasing those products is – is it the right one for you.  Will it work on your skin without causing any irritations?  In fact, this type of questions should always be considered before buying any makeup products. More

12 Delicious and Refreshing Non-Alcohol Cocktails

14June, 2017

non-alcoholic cocktail recipesLooking for yummy, colorful non-alcohol cocktails for the kid’s birthday party, baby shower or family get together? I love to make cocktails that both my kids and adults can drink so I’m always looking for some creative recipes. I found these 12 recipes that are so easy to make and perfect for the entire family. More

“Island Breeze” Smoothie Recipe

29May, 2017

fiji style smoothie recipeHere is my own island style smoothie recipe.  Back in Fiji, my favorite was the smoothies – they were always made with fresh fruits and believe it or not the flavor was always outstanding.

To make this you need pineapple, mango, coconut oil and my favorite almond milk.


1/2 cup chopped fresh pineapple
1/2 cup chopped fresh mango
1 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
2 cups almond milk

Blend everything together and enjoy with your loved one!





A Simple Way to Reuse Your Coffee Bottle

29May, 2017

painted bottle vaseHere’s a simple and easy way to reuse empty Starbucks coffee bottles by turning them into a vase.  All you need is the bottle and paint. More

7 Simple and Easy DIY Magnet Projects That You Can Do This Weekend

20May, 2017

diy magnet projects

I love magnets, especially if it fits my style and the theme I have going around in the room. As I don’t only use them to hold items in place but also as a décor element. I found some great ways to make your own magnets and these are not only functional but also decorative. More

5 Slime Recipes That You’ll Definitely Want to Try

20May, 2017

5 diy slime recipes

I went to the local craft store other day and they were out of Elmer’s Glue. I was told they were running out of them all the time due to slime being so popular now.

Well of course I went to get some for my kids to make more slime, yes more – they are always coming up with these new recipes; glow in the dark slime, galaxy slime, glitter slime, edible slime, butter slime and so forth.

While I sat down with my kids looking for some new slime recipes, we were amazed to find there are so many cool and fancy recipes out there. And they are so easy! So here are some of our collections from the internet that you might like to try with your kids too. Have fun! More


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